A Portion of All Proceeds Will Go To Gramatica Family Foundation

Please welcome this month’s featured charity, Gramatica Family Foundation.  We are super excited to partner with the Gramatica Family this month! Normally, we do a portion of the proceeds of our sales to a charity each month, but this month we want to do a little more. The Gramatica Family Foundation does a kick ball tournament every year and we wanted to be a part of it this year and WIN. Unfortunately, Covid has hurt many charities because they survive off events and those events are being cancelled because we need to social distance. In addition to a portion of our proceeds going to G.F.F., we are putting together huge gift baskets worth thousands to be auctioned or raffled off this month. So, we are doing fine on cheesecake sales and we love you for that! What we would love are gift cards and products from local businesses to stuff in these baskets and for people to  bid and/or buy raffles for these baskets. We love what the Gramatica family does and we want to help them continue through these hard times. So please help me help them!

Why Do We Love The Gramatica Family Foundation?

Since its inception in 2012, the Gramatica Family Foundation has been focused on providing combat wounded veterans with mortgage-free, energy-efficient homes. Over an eight-year period our foundation improved the lives of six veterans by building homes to meet their physical, financial, and emotional needs. These homes have allowed some of our country’s heroes to live independently and with dignity while they pursue higher education, civilian employment, and other dreams without worrying about meeting some of the financial obligations of home ownership.

As the nature of the conflict in the Middle East has changed, along with the strengthening of the real estate development market here at home, the ability to purchase lots, build homes, and identify qualifying veteran candidates has increasingly become a challenge. In an effort to remain true to our goal of providing veterans with a safe and sustainable place to call home, we now feel it’s necessary to adjust our mission to create the opportunity to assist a greater number of veterans through a variety of projects. Moving forward, the foundation will explore opportunities to support local veterans through means such as completing home repair and rehabilitation projects and assisting other nonprofits on veteran home builds. Through our new mission, to positively impact the quality of life of our community’s veterans through housing initiatives, the Gramatica Family Foundation remains as determined and dedicated as ever to supporting our local heroes.

We showcase a Charity each month. If you find one you like please follow them and help them through the years. Please remember money is not the only thing charities need. Volunteers and sometimes products etc. are even more valuable.

We really want to knock this out of the park! Feel free to contact us with any ideas or help. Keep your chins up. Stay healthy and be happy.


Bassano Cheesecake Family

Gramatica Family Foundation

To learn more about Gramatica Family Foundation visit Gramatica Family Foundation.org