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10% Of All Proceeds For February Goes To Mike Alstott Family Foundation


The Mike Alstott Family Foundation was formed by former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Pro Bowler Mike Alstott and his wife Nicole in 2007 to allow the Alstotts  to assist others in uplifting the minds, hearts and spirits of families and children on their way to realizing  their full potential through various events, assistance programs, and  celebrations. The foundation is 501c3 nonprofit organization FEIN # is  20- 8968949. The foundation works with multiple agencies and organizations in addition to helping individuals overcome life-altering obstacles.

Since forming the foundation, the Alstott Family has been involved in numerous community events including:  Hosting multiple annual events at All-Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg; Hosting a Sports  Buddies Day for those involved in the Big Brothers / Big Sisters  organization; Supporting the annual Angelus Music Festival benefitting  the Angelus House, a home for disabled children; Holding back-to-school shopping events for children of the Sallie House and  Children’s Village; Preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinner to  those  staying at the Ronald McDonald House;  Delivering Thanksgiving meals to  local firefighters; Hosting a summer bowling party for athletes from Special Olympics; Funding local non-profit  organizations' projects through the Summer Grant Program; and hosting a  holiday fishing party for children in the foster care system.

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To learn more about the Mike Alstott Family Foundation and to stay up to date with what Mike’s doing in the community, visit www.mikealstottfamilyfoundation.orgor

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Bassano Cheesecake!!
Necessity is the mother of invention. Since we could not find a quality NY cheesecake that could be delivered to our home we were forced to dig into the roots of our ancestors recipes and make them available today for new generations to enjoy.
Along with the classic New York Cheesecake we will have Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Fudge and KeyLime as standard flavors. We will be doing seasonal flavors throughout the year.

We are dedicated to putting out a great product in packaging that is environmentally friendly. 

Tom and Cindy Bassano


2nd Best Cheesecake in the world 'cause don't disrespect your Mother, capisce!

 Prices Start at $46.99 for a 9 inch round pie that is almost 3 inches high. These are not Factory Cheesecakes. We spare no expense and take no short cuts in making our cakes. Many of your factory cheesecakes use imitation flavors and will reduce quality to increase profit. Bassano Cheesecake keeps their prices competitive by reducing profit and never compromising quality or taste. As you know if your going to indulge in one of the finest desserts known to man, its better to spend a few dollars more and have it be the best (oops 2nd Best) Cheesecake you have ever had. Life is too short to waste calories on mass produced processed imitation Cheesecakes.(Sorry Juniors you used to be good) But your just a cheesecake that we used to know. 


shipping and handling ,that is a majority of the cost in order to be environmentally conscious. All shipping is 3 day and will only be shipped on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so cakes will be received on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They can be overnighted but that would not be included in the price. At this time we only ship within the United States. The cheesecakes weigh about 4.5 pounds to 8 pounds and makes 12 generous slices. We have more then 20 flavors.

Gratsi, Tommy and Cindy Bassano 


Giving Back

 Giving back and helping others is very near and dear to our hearts so every month we will be donating a percentage of our sales to a different charity or organization. If you are involved with a charity reach out to us. We will be more than happy to add it to our list. 


Tom and Cindy Bassano

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