2nd Best Cheesecake ‘cause don’t disrespect your Mother, capisce!

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Our Story

Necessity is the mother of invention.

In 2019, since we could not find a quality New York cheesecake that could be delivered to our home in Florida, we decided to dig into the roots of our ancestor’s recipes. We’re proud to offer over 20 varieties of Bassano Cheesecake.

We started very simply. After taste-testing Tom’s Aunt Clara’s family recipe on our friends and family and through their encouragement, we delivered a cheesecake to a local deli. By the time we got home, the phone rang and we had our first order. The story repeated with other local delis, catering companies, and restaurants.

Featured Cheesecakes

This is a passion for us.

Our hope is that when eating our cake you take the time to slowly push the fork through the cake, enjoying the silky separation as you reach the crust and push the fork through feeling the crust crack under the pressure. You, then, take your time to let the cake almost dissolve in your mouth, so that you can experience the delicate texture while enjoying the pure Madagascar Vanilla and a hint of lemon zest, freshly made just before baking.  It has that almost melt-in-your-mouth feeling, not thick like pudding, and not thin like whip cream. It’s just that in-between texture and then the graham cracker crust. A good cheesecake is a whole experience.

We want people to be excited to see that “Bassano Cheesecake” name on the box because it means flavor perfection! Our cakes are not perfect to look at because they are handmade and do not have chemical enhancers to make them look better or last longer; instead, we concentrate on their taste.  I actually think our homemade looks better than the fancy cookie-cutter factory cakes. To me, they look the way I remember them as a kid. Though we are more expensive than a grocery store cheesecake, we are cheaper than many high-end factory cheesecakes.

We’re proud that Bassano Cheesecake has earned consistent online rave reviews from our public on social media and found fans and fame in local celebrities, including Fox 13 TV host Charley Belcher, retired Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott, and The Bone radio show host Mike Calta.

We hope after you experience our café and our cheesecake, you can’t wait to come back again. We are so excited to introduce you to Bassano Cheesecake. We’re honored to share Aunt Clara’s cheesecake recipe and make it available today for new generations to enjoy.

Though our reviews have all said we are the best, we have always claimed to be the 2nd Best Cheesecake Cause’ Don’t Disrespect Your Mother, Capisce.

Tom and Cindy Bassano

How We’re Different


Giving Back

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Giving back and helping others is very near and dear to our hearts. Every month we will be donating a percentage of our sales to a different charity or organization. If you are involved with a charity, reach out to us. We will be more than happy to add it to our list. 

Bassano Cheesecake is handcrafted with love.

This sounds silly or even cliche, but it’s true. From the beginning, we have been so concerned with every ingredient and taking no shortcuts. We believe that people would rather spend a couple of of dollars more to get the product they see in the picture. We believe that people deserve to get what they paid for.

We also believe that people deserve to know how much the product costs before they put it in their shopping cart. That is why our cakes all have free shipping; there is no surprise at check out.

We care about every cake we make from the time we make it right, to the time it gets to your house. We read every review, comment, and we get excited every time we see a picture on social media! We even track the shipping after they get dropped off at the Post Office.

After over 1000 5 star reviews, we panic over a 4 star review since we are striving to be an unforgettable culinary pleasure for you.

Bassano Cheesecake is supposed to bring back old memories of the desserts handmade from your Mother, Grandmother or Great Aunt, or make new memories with your special partner or children.


Bassano Cheesecakes are not Factory cheesecakes. Prices start at $46.99 for a 9-inch round pie that is almost 3 inches high. While many of your factory cheesecakes use imitation flavors and reduce quality to increase profit, we spare no expense and take no shortcuts in making our handcrafted cheesecakes.

With over 20 flavors available, Bassano Cheesecake keeps our prices competitive by reducing profit and never compromising quality or taste. If you are going to indulge in one of the most exquisite desserts known to man, it is better to spend a few more dollars and be the best (oops – 2nd Best) cheesecake you have ever had. Life is too short to waste calories on mass-produced,processed, imitation cheesecakes. (Sorry Juniors – you used to be good, but now you’re just a cheesecake that we used to know.)

Along with the classic New York Cheesecake, we will have Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Fudge, and KeyLime as standard flavors. We will be doing seasonal flavors throughout the year.

Shipping and handling are the majority of the cost to be environmentally conscious. We are dedicated to putting out a great product in packaging that is environmentally-friendly. All shipping is 3-day and will only be shipped on Tuesdays so that cakes will be received on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. They can be overnighted, but that would not be included in the price. At this time, we only ship within the United States. The cheesecakes weigh about 4.5 pounds to 8 pounds and make 12 generous slices.

Tom and Cindy Bassano 

Giving Back

Giving back and helping others is very near and dear to our hearts. Every month we will be donating a percentage of our sales to a different charity or organization. If you are involved with a charity, reach out to us. We will be more than happy to add it to our list. 


A Portion of All Proceeds Will Go To a Selected Nonprofit.