A Portion of All Proceeds Will Go To Heart Strings for Heroes in July

Please welcome this month’s featured charity, Heart Strings for Heroes. Sometimes, our young men graduate high school and jump on a bus leaving their families. They leave their friends, their rooms, and all their belongings behind. They arrive in a strange town with some painted footsteps on the ground and a lot of scary people yelling at them. Their life changes that day. They go from children to men in one hour. In a few months, they could end up in another country with people shooting at them. Some of these men don’t come home. Some come home but they don’t come home the same. Sometimes they leave parts of themselves on the battlefield. Some parts you can see, some you can’t, but they are still important parts. Heart Strings for Heroes gives soldiers a new part. One you can see and one you can’t. Healing through music one hero at a time.

We all need a passion or a hobby, a little something extra that makes us happy that we look forward to. Wade has provided our heroes with the miracle of music to help heal the heart of a soldier, by providing free guitars and lessons to our men and women of the armed forces.

“HEART STRINGS FOR HEROES is a non-profit -accredited 501c3 foundation, dedicated to healing our wounded combat HEROES with the power of music therapy. We honor and provide FREE guitars to assist in their ongoing mental & physical therapy.”

Heart Strings for Heroes

To learn more about Heart Strings for Heroes, visit www.heartstringsforheroes.org.