A Portion of All Proceeds Will Go To Mike Alstott Family Foundation in February and November

This month’s charity could not be more fitting before the Superbowl! Mike Alstott, one of the most exciting football players to have ever played the game. A man who gave everything he had on the field, Mike always went the extra yard sometimes with the entire defense on his back! Mike still goes the extra yard along with his lovely wife Nicole, only now they do it for Disabled Children, foster children, children with cancer, the special Olympics, first responders, and more. Children look up to football players and often see them as heroes and role models. Mike sure took that responsibility seriously, and the world is a better place because of people like him and Nicole. This month 10% of our proceeds will go to the Mike Alstott Family Foundation. If you are not interested in a cake, you can still check out M.A.F.F. and see some of the great things they do; maybe you can get involved.

Mike Alstott Family Foundation

To learn more about Mike Alstott Family Foundation, visit www.mikealstottfamilyfoundation.org.