2nd Best Cheesecake ‘cause don’t disrespect your Mother, capisce!

Nestled in downtown Safety Harbor, we invite you to transport yourself back through time.

Enjoy a slice of your favorite handcrafted cheesecake and a steaming cup of coffee and remember what it was like when people looked up from their phones, read books, played family board games together, and enjoyed great conversation.

Aunt Clara

Family-owned and operated, we’re a boutique bakery where everything is made from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients. We watch the oven carefully because each cheesecake has its own personality. One may be right on cue and one may take a little more time.

We taste-tested the coffee we serve and chose Joffrey’s, not only for its smooth, rich flavor, and how it compliments our cheesecake, but because with every cup of the Valor brand, the company gives back to Veterans.

Call us old-fashioned, but we’re hoping we can be that favorite meeting place today for strangers to become friends, and for coworkers, couples, and families to reconnect over Aunt Clara’s delicious and decadent secret recipe, passed down our family line, made with love from us to you.

Tom and Cindy Bassano

Bassano Cheesecake Café:
507 Main Street
Safety Harbor, Florida

Sunday and Monday: 7a-5p
Tuesday through Friday: 7a-10p
Saturday: 7a-11p

UberEats available

Phone: (727) 400-6512

Live Entertainment