History Of Bassano Cheesecake

 Pasquale Bassano Built this house in the early 1900’s this picture was taken April 23 1933, our logo picture is from 1910. 

Bassano Cheesecake House 2019, now a dentist office, 501 S. Broadway in Yonkers


June 10 2019 I stopped by to visit this house (now a dentist office) that my great Grandfather built, that is me in the picture. In the first picture that is my Great Grandfather taking my Great Aunt Clara to the church to be married. She is the greatest cook in the family and all recipes and food has and remains to be compared to hers. I assume much of her cooking was learned from My Great Grandmother Alvira Bassano. In those days families were much larger, worked longer hours so the kids had chores and jobs. Clara was the cook and she was fast and incredible, her cooking has become legendary and all the Bassanos and DePasqualis rate food from Chef Boyardi to Aunt Clara. We hope that Aunt Clara would approve of our resurgence of the Bassano Cheesecake. The word on the street is that it is the best but we contest that, our Cheesecake is the 2nd best Cheesecake cause don’t disrespect your Mother Capisce.

A side note, in the picture from our logo taken in 1910, Clara is on the far right

Yonkers 1910 45 Park Hill Ave. Yonkers New York

In the bottom picture behind the boy kneeling is my grandfather. He has his hands on his vest and is wearing knickers and some crazy socks. Behind him looking to the left and laughing is Clara, to my Grandfathers left with the grey hair is Alvira, my Great Grandmother and above she is the one holding the baby. Sadly only 2 of the children in our logo lived to be adults, out of what I believe was 13 children only 5 survived pass there teenage years. Times were very tough then, something we take for granted as children have a much better chance of surviving now.

501 S. Broadway Yonkers New York

I hope you enjoyed, I have some great stories to come….My Great Grandfather was bitting ears off long before Mike Tysons’ Dad was Born! Stay tuned for those stories and more.

Gratzi, Bassano Cheescake