Cheesecake A Taste of Yesteryear

In the old days we knew the Baker, the butcher and the hardware store owner. Even the doctor and his family. We trusted them and cared about them and hell I feel like they cared about us. The world has grown so much since then that now we hardly know anyone anymore. Sure we might know the boy at the register or the girl at the desk but we don’t know the owner most times. The employees probably don’t know the owners either.

Thanks to the Internet, if we care about our customers and our products we can bring back a taste and feeling of the good old days long lost. I am talking to you today because of the advancement in technology that has shortened the distance between us. For example, today while we were at the store a nice woman called from New York, she had forgotten to order a cake for her father for Fathers Day. He lives in Tampa a few miles from us she asked if we could get a cake to her father before noon tomorrow, we don’t usually hand deliver our cakes but we said yes. She wanted to pay extra and we said no thank you, that’s just being neighborly, and the truth is it doesn’t really cost us anymore because we aren’t paying postage. I hope we made a connection and a friend. That’s how we want to do things!  Because of my families old fashion pride we are making a product that we are proud to put our names on forever. I could brag about our product but we have all heard people brag for years about products that were not that great. We promise you that our cheesecakes are what they all should taste like, a step back in time and 10 steps forward in quality. I have seen some beautiful cheesecakes, tall with sharp peaks at the edge and lace around the sides, fruit dripping off the edges. Ours don’t look like that and for that, we don’t apologize. Our cheesecakes look like cheesecakes, 2.5 to 2.75 inches high and they all look slightly different like snowflakes because each one is handmade. None of them are taken from the oven at the same time, each one is watched and removed at the perfect moment when it is ready. This process sometimes takes an extra 30 minutes. We feel we owe that to you. We appreciate you because without you we could not do this.